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My experience with Ilia and Adriana was amazing! Not only they know the ins and outs of starting a business, they go beyond expectations in motivation, support and so many practical tips that make the startup journey way easier. They’re organized and structured but broke the scope of work down in such a way, it was easy to follow up and to see the progress from one session to the other, which is key to keep the momentum going!
We specifically worked in my online boutique launch campaign, administrative setup (taxes information, things to consider from the legal perspective, shipping, what could or could not be done, etc), definition of the brand, the vision for the future, logo, useful sites and resources to develop the online shop and, next steps.
I endorse Our Little Venice for any of your projects, even if you’re just starting to develop an idea, they will help you take it to the next level.
— Daniela Sanoja, owner - the perfect piece boutique

I’ve never worked in an office,neither here in Canada nor Venezuela; I’ve always worked with the public and always dealing with clients personally. That is my true passion. Technology is abstract for me, and it has been my stress point in my professional career. With you ladies I feel always on the right track, in confidence and supported in every aspect of Permanently You’s business strategy: in social media, business diversification, and its projection for this year... I cannot be more grateful Adriana and Ilia for all your effort, for believing in me and in Permanently You’s mission, but above all for having so much patience when I do not understand all the tech-y things you girls always teach me. I love you both, you all will occupy a special place in my life forever”

”Yo jamás he trabajado en una oficina, tanto aquí en Canadá como en Venezuela, siempre he trabajado con el público y siempre lidiando con clientes personalmente. Esa es mi verdadera pasión. La tecnología es abstracta para mi, y es mi punto de estrés en mi carrera profesional. Con ustedes siento que voy por el camino correcto, en confianza y apoyada en todo lo concerniente a la optimización de la estrategia de Permanently You a nivel de redes sociales y de diversificación del negocio para este año...Gracias miles Adriana e Ilia por todo su empeño, por creer en mí y en la misión de Permanently You, pero sobre todo por tenerme tanta paciencia cuando no entiendo las cosas que me están enseñando. Las amo siempre, ocuparán un lugar especial en mi vida”
— Jessica Gomez Morales, owner - Permanently You - Permanent makeup Clinic

I thank God for sending me not one but two wonderful ladies who extended their hands and incredible support to me. They awoke my dreams by providing precise information and the best options out there for me as an entrepreneur and for my ABSTRAKTUM brand. They empowered me to see and reach even more than I had thought with their professional advice...”

”...Mis dos amigas Ilia y Adriana con su maravillosa @ourlittlevenice son eso... mis “amigas” además de las mejores asesoras, mentoras, publicitas, etc., y confirmo que un amigo de verdad no tiene que estar físicamente a tu lado para tocar tu corazón. Gracias por tanto muchachonas, las quiero hasta el techo del cielo y mucho más.
— Johanna Silva, Artist, Goldsmith - Abstraktum

From the first time I met Adriana I knew that she was an individual with tremendous character and emotional intelligence. She conducts herself with integrity in her personal and professional life. Working together with Adriana she demonstrated unique abilities to quickly understand the clients` requirements and quickly find effective strategies to land the right talent. Her genuine nature allows her easily develop lasting relationships. Adriana is a tremendous asset to any organization; internally and externally!
— Sarah Masters | Senior Business Development Manager | TV Guest Host | Technology Solutions Expert

Working with Adriana was a fantastic experience. The amount of passion, enthusiasm and insight that she brings to all aspects of her business is invaluable. She leads by example and makes a dedicated effort in all her endeavours. She has an infectious energy that inspires others around her. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and wish her all the best!
— Victoria Montgomery | Strategic Advisor | Talent Attraction

We worked with Adrianna on some key marketing initiatives for our company. She was extremely professional, fun to work with and got the job done and helped us grow to land some key accounts. She is certainly an asset to any organization looking to improve results and add a ray of sunshine to their team!
— Bruno Marsala | Mortgage Specialist and Voice Artist

Every once in a while you meet a person who can balance class, ethics, and a great humour while focusing on results driven goals. Bringing a positive energy into a workplace can invigorate those around you while the dedication and diligence can motivate productivity. Placing Adriana within your organization is like finding that one bulb on your Christmas tree that suddenly lights all the rest.
— Robyn Hartley Senior Principal | Executive Search at Harris Leadership Strategies

Adriana was the “Yes, we can!” person in the company. She expedited
just the best of her professionalism and knowledge. Her best attribute was the full understanding of the customer’s need, she made sure to not just accomplish but exceeded the customer expectation. She is definitely a plus to any company.
— Gabriel Alvarez IT | Services Lead at ICES (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences)

Adriana es una excelente profesional, fuera de serie. Representa para mí un placer recomendarla con amplitud. Su compromiso resalta sobre el grupo. Adriana puso al servicio de la organización y del equipo todos sus conocimientos y su liderazgo para llevar a cabo proyectos que cambiaron el rumbo del negocio durante el tiempo que compartimos en Tiendas BECO. Sus experiencias profesionales y académicas la convierten en una profesional de alto nivel.
— Alejandro Lafee Larrazabal | Retail Expert

Working with Adriana is a great experience, she is a committed leader, very driven to success, innovative and analytical, great energy, creating a secure and successful environment for everyone involved, her interpersonal skills are superb making any experience a joy. I would work with her any time.
— Eduardo Ottati | CVO & Operations Manager at Avila-Go | Partner at Corporación PRICE