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Our Little Venice proudly serves women of all walks of life, specially immigrant women who want to break their limiting beliefs and unleash their potential. Our mission is to empower, inspire, and support our women on their professional and entrepreneurial journeys by giving them the tools to launch their success. 

We are immigrants, moms and professional engineers who know the struggles of moving and starting life from zero in a different country, different culture, different language. We speak our women's language. We understand your struggles and dreams, because we went through them and want to make your transition to a successful life easier.

So, sweet friend, if you’re determined to improve your life and jump start your entrepreneurial / professional journey you are in the right place. 

Working with us is easy, practical and affordable. You tell us your goal and we outline the steps to get you there. Whether you’re a newcomer to the professional field, a stay at home mama looking to re-enter the workforce, or an entrepreneur living your life’s mission, we have unique and successful coaching plans just for you.

Take the plunge and purchase a plan below or get in touch to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation call. 


How we work: 

  1. We'll grab a free 15-minute assessment call to determine your personal/professional/business goals and whether we are are a good fit and we can work together.

  2. After the questionnaire is received, we submit our proposal - that will best provide the expected results - to you for approval.

  3. Once approved by you, the agreed payment is due.

  4. We send you a questionnaire, to obtain all the details about your current state/situation, personal aspirations and goals with the project as well as expected results within the timeline.

  5. We conclude your journey with a survey and a success testimonial submission. If you are fulfilled, we accomplished our mission.

We guarantee your life will be transformed. 


Career Speed Up - $350

☑  Timeline: 4 weeks

☑  2 60-min live/online sessions (one bi-weekly)

☑  2 30-min follow up calls (a week after online/live session, to review progress and assignments)

☑  Resume assessment, reformat and changes

☑  LinkedIn profile revamp

☑  Skills Transfer Matrix development

☑  Networking framework

☑  Interview preparation - 3 Interviews


Mentorship - $598

☑  Timeline: 8-week intensive program

☑  Current-state assessment and reformulation of life/career goals

☑  2 60-min online/call session per month

☑   Bi-weekly follow-up emails after each session to review assignments and continual progress

We only accept 2 mentees every 3 months. To apply for a spot, click here.


Savvy Entrepreneur - $1347

☑  Timeline: 12-week program

☑  Six 60-minute meetings with your business coach (one session every two weeks for three months) via phone, online, or in person.

☑  By-weekly deadlines per project phase for your coach to discuss with you.

☑  Written report of project completion at the end of the 12 weeks.

☑  We liaise with service providers - cost per engagement - and we can manage that relationship for you, if needed (cost for this as well on an hourly or project-based ratio).


☑ Brand image designers

☑ Website designers

☑ Social Media Content/Marketing specialists


LinkedIn Master Makeover - $100

☑  Timeline: 1 week

☑ LinkedIn Full Profile Assessment

☑ Profile Revamp with changes suggested fully implemented.