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You tell us your goal and we outline the steps to get you there until your successful execution. 

Our Little Venice proudly serves women of all walks of life, specially immigrant women and moms who want to break their limiting beliefs and unleash their potential. 

Our mission is to empower, coach and guide you on your professional and entrepreneurial journey, and see your success . 

Whether you’re a newcomer to the professional field, a stay at home mama looking to re-enter the workforce, or an entrepreneur living your life’s mission, we have unique and successful coaching plans just for you.

We are moms and professional engineers who know the struggles of moving and starting life from zero in a different country, different culture, different language. We understand you, because we went through the same and want to make your transition to a successful life easier, faster.

If you’re determined to improve your life and jump start your entrepreneurial / professional journey - start right here. 

Take the plunge and invest in your startup journey or get in touch to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation call. 


Are you ready to dive in your Small Business Journey?


Savvy Entrepreneur - $449/mo*.

Do you have a business idea pounding in your mind, but don't know where or better yet, how to start?⠀
Has your business remained small and you want to scale it?⠀

With our Savvy Entrepreneur coaching service, you will get:⠀
✔️Your Business Planning built, from idea conception to implementation.⠀
✔️Your Marketing Strategy defined, including branding assessment and execution.⠀
✔️Financial and Legal advice needed for your business.⠀
✔️A Success Action Plan with actionable steps from the items above for you to achieve your business goals like a champ.⠀

☑  Timeline: 12-week program

*Minimum commitment: 3 months to execute your action plan and see desired results.


☑ Brand image designers - Website designers - Social Media Content/Marketing specialists

Our Little Venice Testimonials

“I’ve never worked in an office. I’ve always worked with the public and always dealing with clients personally. That is my true passion. Technology is abstract for me, and it has been my stress point in my professional career.

With you ladies I feel always on the right track, in confidence and supported in every aspect of Permanently You’s business strategy: in social media, business diversification, and its projection for this year... I cannot be more grateful Adriana and Ilia for all your efforts, for believing in me and in Permanently You’s mission, but above all for having so much patience when I don’t understand all the tech-y things you girls always teach me.

I love you both - you both will occupy a special place in my life forever”



Working with us is easy!

  1. We'll grab a free 15-minute assessment call to determine your personal/professional/business goals and whether we are are a good fit and we can work together.

  2. After the questionnaire is received, we submit your proposal - that will best provide the expected results - to you for approval.

  3. Once approved by you, the agreed payment is due.

  4. We send you a questionnaire, to obtain all the details about your current state/situation, personal aspirations and goals with the project as well as expected results within the timeline.

  5. We conclude your journey with a survey and a success testimonial submission. If you are fulfilled, we accomplished our mission.

We guarantee your life will be transformed. 


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We are also official WOLFE.CO ACADEMY facilitators.

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Online Program

Unlocking LinkedIn - Learn how to rock this emerging social platform

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Price: CAD $99