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We are Adriana and Ilia. 

We want to help more people like you unleash your capabilities and potential, and pursue those long-desired goals.

With the same inspiration in our minds, in March of 2017 Our Little Venice was born.

Our Little Venice proudly serves women of all walks of life, specially immigrant women who want to break their limiting beliefs and unleash their potential. 

Our mission is to empower, inspire, coach and support our women on their professional and entrepreneurial journeys by giving them the tools to launch their success. 



We help women to reach their goals by providing the best tools for their success.


If you are a woman who...


Is a professional  who  wants to revamp her career, or simply start a new one!


Wants to parlay her talent into profit but don't know how [or where] to start


Have a business, but it has remained very small, and want to figure it out how to attract more clients!


Are an established business owner looking for strategies to get you to the next level.


This is the right place for you.


“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” 

- Robert F. Kennedy


We will guide you to achieve your own success. How?

Because we were once in the same place you are at right now and felt like we could do more and better not just for ourselves but for others: 

We will assess your current situation and define the achievable goals.


We will build a Success Action Plan to ensure you get from where you are right now to you where you want to be.


We will provide tools, strategies and solutions to improve your career skills and/or business plans.


And because we believe in your inner power, we will help YOU to change your world.




Our Little Venice?

The inspiration behind the name Our Little Venice is the passionate desire to connect our people, heritage and talent! 

Fun fact: Venezuela means Little Venice - I bet you didn't know that, did you? 

To us fellow Venezuelans, this is an extension of the cultural fabric that defines the essence of our home country. This is for us a home where you can come to create, share & promote the best of what you, have to offer. 

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