Savvy Entrepreneur

Savvy Entrepreneur


Our Savvy Entrepreneur service includes:

☑  12-week program

☑  Six 60-minute meetings with your business coach (one session every two weeks for three months) via phone, online, or in person.

☑  By-weekly deadlines per project phase for your coach to discuss with you.

☑  Written report of project completion at the end of the 12 weeks.

 We liaise with service providers - cost per engagement - and we can manage that relationship for you (cost for this as well on an hourly or project based ratio).

Our partnered service providers are:

☑ Brand image designers

☑ Website designer

☑ Social Media Content/Marketing specialists

How it works: 

  • We'll We'll grab a free 15-minute assessment call to determine whether your personal goals and whether we are are a good fit and we can work together.

  • After our call we submit our proposal - that will best provide the expected results - to you for approval

  • Once approved, the agreed payment is due.

  • We send you a questionnaire, to obtain all the details about your current state/situation, personal aspirations and goals with the project as well as expected results within the timeline.

  • We conclude your journey with a survey and testimonial submission. If you are fulfilled, we accomplished our mission.

We guarantee your life will be transformed. 


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