Understanding [and Healing] Superhero Syndrome


By our special contributor Trisha Snider from @balanceproject.ca

We are NOT Superheroes!

The truth is, in today’s modern life it seems only a Superhero would be able to stay on top of the chaotic world we live in.  We’re expected to effortlessly navigate our personal life, relationships, work and family. And that’s our diagnose: we suffer the Superhero Syndrome.

We place a lot of pressure on managing it all ourselves, largely spending time working, commuting, taking on errands and personal chores.  

Let’s face it, we are a time-starved society and we’re all drowning in our to-do lists! Finding any kind of balance can be an ongoing and stressful struggle.

We have become our own worst enemy, giving up our most valuable resource, time.  

Working hard to create the life we envisioned, and far too often we are left with little time to enjoy what really matters most to us.

The most heartbreaking element of this scenario is we rarely - if ever - ask for help.  It isn’t hard to believe hearing of women who clearly show the Superhero mentality.

Superhero Syndrome Signs

  • Struggle with feelings of guilt at delegating everyday tasks.  How time starved professionals feel “overworked and overwhelmed” at doing it all themselves, yet rarely outsourcing the assistance they require.  

  • Feeling inadequate if we choose to ask for help.

  • Keeping up with your own life becomes difficult and stressful.

  • You don’t take care of yourself as much as you take care of others.

  • You try to be everything to everyone.

  • You feel numb and almost in autopilot mode - your days come and go without a true sense of joy.

  • You feel burnout.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t all be Superheroes.  It may be time to consider options that can restore the balance in your life.  Studies have shown those who actively look for things to delegate report higher levels or productivity, happiness, and energy and are less likely to feel anxious and stressed. So if you feel you are the person described here - stop right there! and start considering asking for help.

Time itself can be a difficult commodity to come by.  So why are we spending 30% of our waking time on errands, chores, to-do lists and tasks??

Life has never been busier and we’re burning ourselves out being a Superhero. As a society we have become so accustomed to multi-tasking, being busy and even accept being stressed as the ‘norm’, that we so easily miss out on momentary happiness.

Shift your Superhero Mindset

It’s time to start shifting our mindset, focusing on our well being and mental health, giving ourselves the opportunity to be present and in the moment.  

It’s time to reconsider the value of our time and focus on seeking balance in our lives.

It’s time to stop struggling with the overwhelming feelings of stress and guilt.

I certainly see this every day in our business, with so many demands placed on people with careers, relationships, extended family commitments, home management, financial commitments, children, etc, etc.  

Recognize and release your load to heal

Whether you’re a business owner, career woman, full time mom, girlfriend, student or CEO, the trick is to realize when you are feeling under pressure or stressed and try to identify what’s causing it. Are you taking too much on, not having enough time for you, doing more than your share of the workload at home, are you feeling career pressure to succeed and advance?  

If you are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you are in?

It’s time to drop the Superhero act and be the best version of you. It’s okay to say no, it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to focus on your self-care, and your happiness.

Balance is not something you find…. It’s something you create. Establish a plan on how to reduce the stress.  Add quality to your life. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.  Just like anything else, mindfulness is a skill. One that takes practice. We need to train our mind to work in a particular way. Start simple.  Start small. Like yoga, finding your own balance it’s an ever-evolving practice, but one worth any time you can put into it.

- Trisha


Hello you! I am Trisha Snider and I’m the founder of Balance Project, a lifestyle management service. I was born and raised in B.C. and grew up with nature at my back door. 

I have a love for the outdoors. I value a mindful, nurtured and balanced approach to living life. I’m also a fan of all things organization. I’m passionate about joining all of these elements to create tailored plans and strategic solutions and offer support for each of my clients needs.  More than anything I love sharing the skills and strategies I’ve learned with others to help reduce the stress in their lives.  

Connect with Trisha and send her some love via IG @balanceproject.ca or via her website www.balanceproject.ca