The one question every new entrepreneur should ask before starting a business

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It’s no wonder.

Starting a new business has more aspects to handle that you could probably imagined.

(Yup! These chicas here fell short too when we started!)

You realize you are good at many things (yes, besides doing dishes, an expert in yoga, nutrition, engineering, cake-baking, motherhood and law). You’ve acquired multiple skills that make you the next expert in your industry.

But there’s one question you should ask yourself before jumping in the entrepreneurship ocean and starting a business. And it is

Did I find my niche?

Even we struggled with this during our early stages, because we wanted to help people, help you all! - but soon we realized the hard truth: It was going to be harder for us to please everyone, so we decided not to.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

And you need to do the same.

Discover what your specific niche is and we will guarantee that you can achieve your desired outcome.

And…what’s that outcome?

1.       You can identify more easily your target persona.

2.       You can unlock their needs and tailor your offering so that they can buy from you in a heartbeat.

3.       You can discover who’s your competition out there

4.       You can align your brand with the right message for that audience.

5.       You’ll have more opportunities to succeed by checking whether your offering is something your target audience wants to buy from (finding a very profitable niche will help)

There are many ways to do your homework and determine whether you have a profitable niche in front of you.

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Google Trends gives you an idea of how popular or trendy your keyword is (therefore you’ll have better chances to succeed). Also, keyword search tools are a dime a dozen, like in this article. But make sure you get to find the one that will provide the right data and numbers for you before deciding whether go for it or consider another niche market.

And yet, the next important thing for you to start a business: HOW PASSIONATE YOU ARE.

Passion kills competition.

So just as we are here, day and day out, get out there and show the world what you offer, how much you care and your unique differentiation.

You will succeed.


Leave us a comment below if you have other tips that have worked for you when finding your NICHE. We love to hear from you!

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