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Many of us have always criticized ourselves and compared with others, with the distorted standards that society imposes on us through social media and reality TV, making us completely unhappy with who we are. In our second Success Story, our friend and Mexican entrepreneur Jessica Kahoon talked to us about her personal journey and how by helping other women through Your Image Within, she has found her purpose in life.

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Tell us about yourself and your business

Your Image Within is where I dedicate myself to helping people recover their authenticity, by designing a change in their image that aligns their personal essence with their external appearance.

My personal purpose is to be a vehicle for all those people who feel trapped in some situation of their life (either because of lack of self-confidence, weight problems, or emotional burdens, or trapped inside their professional growth) and help them break those paradigms that stop them, providing them with the right tools, so that they can move beyond fear and allowing them to live authentically.

What has been the hardest part of being an immigrant?

Actually, migrating to Canada was very easy, as the company I worked for in Monterrey, Mexico offered me a position here in Toronto, and they worked my entire immigration process - so I can say that I am very lucky for that. Arriving in a new country with work and a place to live, with friends already established allowed me to enjoy every minute of my new life in Canada.

What will always be difficult is to be away from my family, because the moral support they provide me, especially when you are starting a family and working full time. Not to mention the cravings of your traditional food that sometimes is difficult to find here. But migrating to Toronto has been one of the best experiences of my life.

What motivated you to make a change and start your business?

As everybody else, I have a lot to offer. One of the many skills I have is solving the most complex problems, thanks to my insatiable desire to continue learning. Almost always I am "the guinea pig" applying new methodologies for personal growth and help people along the way.

About 7 years ago, after having my third baby, I had a hard time getting back to my ideal weight and feeling good about myself. Looking to overcome this personal challenge and my self-confidence, I found different methods that helped me personally to align my personal image with who I truly are, and helping people to achieve the same.

This learning gave me the desire to walk my own path; having as a solid base my professional growth in a company that allowed me to learn how to handle businesses in the international field, combining with my desire to help more people to maximize their potential, helped me start this awesome journey.

What routines do you practice to keep your goals aligned and not lose your original goals?

1. Find your purpose:

The main routine is to search tirelessly for your purpose in life - once you find it, your why and the goals you want to achieve become quite clear. You may have to adjust a bit the time to materialize certain projects, and it will take time. Your purpose will also help you to stand firm in the face of certain challenges and difficulties, when you have doubts about what the path to follow is. We all have a purpose in life and we must find it in order to be happy.

2. Find how and with whom to collaborate:

"It takes a village to create great things".  You need to collaborate with people who complement your weaknesses. The more you share your enthusiasm and your why, you will find more people who will help you reach your goals. I'm always looking for people to help me grow and who I want to help keep my project moving forward, at the same time I look forward to helping these people grow through their projects. This is a very enriching experience.

3. Work passionately, with discipline but in a balanced way so as not to lose the fun of it.

We women sometimes try to be "wonder women", but this puts us in situations that create unnecessary stress. When I find myself those moments of imbalance in my life, I recover the perspective by recognizing that my life is only a trip and the final destination is to be happy. To be happy and to find it by surrounding myself with people with the same feeling gives me a sense of peace, balance and perspective.

What has been the most difficult thing to do / overcome / achieve in this journey and what has been the most satisfactory?

It was difficult for me to recognize that I lived for a long time in that framework of comparison, without knowing my purpose in life. Finally, it was my perseverance and my desire to love myself what helped me find my true self. The most satisfying part of it is that when you are aligned in your life, nothing moves you, you are strong and you are able to uplift and help more people. That’s what the most satisfying experience is.

What does Success mean to you? What makes you feel satisfied in your business?

Success for me is to live on your own terms, without ties, fear; accepting your strengths and weaknesses and contributing with your talent to help more people feel plentiful. It is to be able to enjoy each of your days living in consistency with who you truly are and loving you as you are.

What makes me happy in my business is being able to help more people find themselves, raise their self-confidence and help them see what they are worth is in inside them. We all have talents and we are all beautiful beings. When my clients discover their "aha! this is me, and I am magnificent!” It’s my ultimate moment of happiness. 

For women who have a business idea, a spark, or an inspiration - what advice do you give them?

  • Invest as much time as you can in your personal growth, and nurturing close relationships with people you admire and who fill you up with positive energy.
  • Know your strengths and your purpose in life, because only then you will live in harmony, and without doubting what you love in life.
  • Strive to achieve your goals and dreams by having an action plan that you can realistically execute.
  • Never stop learning something new, 
  • Enjoy the obstacles, because they are great teachers - but most of all:
  • Don’t forget the most valuable thing is that your talent multiplies when you benefit others.

 Jessica Kahoon has a degree in International Relations, with an extensive experience in Business Administration and process optimization. She lives in Toronto with her family and is dedicated to helping his clients free themselves from mental ties, break their paradigms and recover their authenticity - aligning their personal essence with their external appearance. You can follow her on Instagram via @yourimagewithin_ or through her website 


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