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Our success story this week is developed right from Dominican Republic, where the designer and goldsmith Veronica Rahn talked to us about her story as a successful immigrant and entrepreneur of her personal brand Veroo Rahn.

Tell us about yourself and your business

Hello everybody! I am Veronica Rahn, venezuelan, publicist, goldsmith and fashion designer. I’ve had my accessories’ brand for over 9 years but it became more commercial 6 years ago when I discovered the technique in plastic that today is my brand’s signature.

What has been for you the hardest part of being an immigrant?

Leaving my country, my house, my workshop, my friends and my family is the hardest part; my closest relatives are with me at this moment, thank God. Us, as immigrants we get up again, we clean our knees, and we start all over again. That process is empowering as is. Also, nostalgia and impotence are always around the corner, when you look back and see the reality of the country you left. Those emotions can’t be repressed, you have to recognize them, learn to handle them as to not affect you.

What motivated you to make a change and start your business?

I always knew that I wanted to have a brand of my own, and everything came from there.

What routines do you practice to keep your goals aligned and not to lose the initial course?

My objectives? I write them / sketch them before forgetting some detail that later may be important. That is the key!

What has been the most difficult thing to do / overcome / achieve in this journey and what has been the most satisfactory?

As a goldsmith, it was to find a material that characterized me, to make something really unique and impressive. And I found it.

What does success mean to you - what makes you feel satisfied in your business as a goldsmith?

Seeing my beautiful and happy clients using my pieces all over of the world. In particular, I consider success to be able to do what I love and enjoy it to the fullest.

For women who have an idea, a spark or an inspiration - what advice do you give them?

Put those ideas down quickly in pen and paper! Seek advice, support or guidance from an expert - if possible - from the get go.

  • Write down your purpose - your why? - (besides de profits’ goal) and read it in those necessary moments. It will keep you in the initial path - always.
  • Register your brand, networks and domains.
  • If you feel passion for what you do, nothing will stop you.
  • Dare yourself to do it!!! If it’s not executed, it will still be a great idea ... that someone else could develop instead of you!.
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Veronica Rahn lives in the Dominican Republic with her family. Venezuelan, mother, publicist, successful goldsmith and fashion designer, dedicates her time to highlight the beauty of women with their creations and accessories. You can follow her on her Instagram account @veroorahn.


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