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Here is our most recent success story: Nebai Roo, a Latin American, successful woman opens up today to tell us her personal story. From a Bachelor in Business Administration to Radio and TV hostess, we hope she inspires you as much as she did to us.

Tell us about yourself and your career in Canada

11 years ago my husband and I decided to leave our country, our families, friends and comfort zone to start a new life in a completely different country from ours. Arriving with 4 suitcases, our puppy Toby and thousands of dreams.

At the beginning, it was like being on vacation: traveling across cities, meeting new people and new places until we realized that this place was the one we were going to settle, to start our new life alone - with much optimism, faith and courage.

And so we started: we prepared ourselves by studying - in my case English - and then starting an educational career completely different from what I had studied before. It was Decoration and Design, which has always been my passion and it is precisely here in Canada where I have the opportunity to study and prepare for it. I created my own company NR Inspiring Designs with more than 8 years of experience.

Along with that, I was presented with the opportunity to work for a Hispanic television, in the Now What program. I had a Décor segment under the production of Colombian Julian Vargas. After two years, he proposed me to be the main hostess with my partner Martha Pinzón.  The show's concept changed to a Magazine style program, with different segments that included interviews, health, fashion, decoration, cooking and more. Now What is broadcasted nationwide by Omni TV and is subtitled in English with a track record of more than 7 years on the air.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to be the Hispanic Announcer at the 2015 Para-American and Para-Pan American Games in the Archery category - and it was a unique experience!!. This led me to make radio to gain learning and experience for the games. I was for 2 years in Kbuena radio TV with my space called Al Dia with Nebai. Then I decide to take a break of 1 year with the radio and be a Zumba instructor because I love dancing and I do not like doing exercises hahaha then it is the best excuse to exercise and enjoy it.

After 1 year I have a new proposal in this case for the radio again, but this time for The Mega of Toronto under the direction of Venezuelan Oscar Solorzano, where I have my program called Women with Nebai that are all on Wednesday from 12 noon until 2:00 p.m. (new schedule) now it is 2 hours thanks to all the listeners and our customers who have made this possible.

What has been the most difficult part of being an immigrant?

The hardest part is to be apart from my family, my loved ones in Venezuela. The language, the weather, the culture had some influence on me, but on the other hand it has given me good friends that became our family as well. I have learned to be independent, to hustle, to value things that I previously took for granted. To love more my husband and all the things that surround me.

I am so thankful to Canada, because it has made me grow as a person and has given me endless opportunities.

What has kept you motivated to fight for and pursue your professional goals?

One of the things that keep me motivated is the knowledge that, striving, staying focused will allow me to achieve what I set out to do and that fills me with satisfaction.
Believe in yourself and be convinced that you can!

What routines do you practice to keep your goals aligned and not to lose the initial course?

Motivation and effort. It is important for me to stay motivated despite the situations that may occur to me. My daily meditation routine helps me a lot too. I can't go to bed without first reading my motivational book.

What has been the most difficult thing to do / overcome / achieve in this journey and what has been the most satisfactory?

The language definitely was a barrier, but if you believe in yourself there is no one to stop you and you will always want to go for more. Your attitude matters!

What does success mean to you - what makes you feel satisfied in your profession?

Success for me is the ability to achieve my goals, but that is very personal because goals and objectives will depend on the motivations, interests, principles and values of each person. 

For women who have an idea, a spark an inspiration - what advice do you give them?

Ladies: believe in yourselves, prepare yourself and pursue relentlessly what you want. No one has said that it's easy, but it's not impossible - as long as you are convinced that you can do it.

As I always say: Pa'lante is pa'alla and YOU can!




Nebai Roo has lived in Toronto, Canada with his family for 11 years. Venezuelan, Bachelor of Business Administration, entrepreneur and specialist in Design and Decoration, she distributes her time between radio, television and animation of social events in the GTA and her passion: to dance as a Zumba instructor. You can follow her on her Instagram @nebairoo.


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