Success Stories: La Mantuana


Being a woman is WONDERFUL! It's to walk through shopping stores and try on gorgeous clothes, to diet constantly, but also to eat sweets in industrial quantities (ahem, well, I speak here for myself ). It's also pursue that desire, that  "something, that I don't know what it is",  the sense of doing something bigger than ourselves. That "something" comes from our impulse to evolve as women, mothers and human beings - and that infinite curiosity to know what the next level of our life will be. We're Wonder Women. We wonder what we can do...and we go for it.

Patricia Manley, online entrepreneur and development manager of the largest online fusion company in the UK is one of those Wonder Women we love showcasing here; another of our success stories. Looking for new experiences, he visited Europe in 2004 and discovered that his true destiny was there. After many trips around the Old continent, the UK became her home.

Tell us about yourself and your business

I'm Ethan (7) and Grace (4) 's mom;  and Stephen's wife. I've had the privilege of working for multinational companies of great prestige that allowed me to travel around the world, and to treasure many experiences and lessons. My online business allows me to primarily help women to love themselves again, regain the confidence we sometimes lose after their children are born, or simply to find an additional source of income that allows them to have more economic independence.

For my changes come from the inside out and my mission is to help them improve their health, their skin, their image and return to have the brightness that we all want to have.

What has been the hardest thing of being an immigrant?

The hardest part for me was to be apart from my family and my lifetime friends. In European countries making new friends takes much longer than a Latin American is used to, and adjusting and getting used to it took some time.

What was your reason to make a change and start this business?

When I got pregnant with my daughter Grace I realized that my priorities had changed. From being a person focused on his career and to raise the highest levels in a company, I realized that I was only going to have 18 summers with my children. I decided I had to do something different if I wanted different results. Looking and studying many alternatives, I got in this business that allows me to do it around my current work commitments and it's the vehicle to have the economic independence I am so much looking for; to enjoy much more of my children and having the flexibility to be my own boss. 

What routines do you practice to keep your goals aligned and not miss the initial course?

Finding your real purpose for undertaking any business is the main key. That's why you're going to get out of bed earlier on the days you don't want, the reason you're going to leave home on rainy days and what's going to motivate you when someone told you not to believe in your goal. Add to this consistency and discipline that accumulated over time will make you achieve your goals. I was never a morning person, but today part of my routine includes: Get up early to medidate, do affirmations and visualization of my goals, exercise and I always read some personal development book that allows me to maintain my energy levels High and my mind focused on what I want.

What has been the hardest thing to do/overcome/achieve in this journey? What has been the most satisfying?

The most difficult thing to overcome has been the rejection that you receive when your idea is different from the norm, when you see how family and friends do not support you and do not believe in you.

I had a hard time getting over the fact that it was okay for people to say no to my ideas, and not to take it personally.

At that moment, When I realized that my mission is to help people to be healthier and happier and to separate myself from the result, my business started to grow considerably.

The most satisfying thing about my business is when I receive messages, emails or calls from people thanking me for the positive changes they had after using my products, following my meal plan or my advice on how to dress them. Also, being able to speak in front of more than 500 people about nutrition and health and inspired the audience to make changes in their businesses was the most satisfying way to represent the Latin American minority.


What does Success mean to you - what makes you feel satisfied in your business?

Success for me is to have economic independence, have time to enjoy my family and friends. To have the satisfaction of changing lives in a positive way either through improvements in health or physical or change the economic situation; that allows them and myself to realize those dreams many of us put in a closet and we believe that they will never become reality.

For women who have an business idea, a spark or an inspiration - what advice do you give them?

  • Do not allow others who haven't had the experience or knowledge to turn off that spark of inspiration on you.
  • Follow your instincts, be consistent and never give up your dreams.
  • The road can be a bit uncomfortable and sometimes you will want to stop and leave everything, but remember that you will grow as a person and you will be a better human being just by going for it.
  • DREAM BIG because it takes the same effort to dream small.



Patricia Manley lives in London with her family. Venezuelan mother, successful entrepreneur and wife, whose mission is to help other women to develop their potential through a healthy lifestyle and to value their internal brightness. You can follow her on Instagram @lamantuanauk.