Remove blockers and barriers from your success path

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I find that, in these times where we are more than ever tied to our screens, there’s a big mental hurdle to overcome: Those ingrained blockers and barriers that blur our productivity.

But instead of focusing on them (Comparison, Fixed Mindset, Imposter Syndrome, Tunnel Vision, etc.), let’s dive in on how to minimize those blockers and mental barriers from our inner dialogue. So let’s go!

How to find out what barriers are that keeping you from your goals?

  1. Find one task you need to complete from any of your current projects.

  2. Set a timer for a short period of time (10, 20 mins)

  3. Work on your task..Whenever you fell like doing anything-but-working-on-the-task, stop and listen to your thoughts. You have a continual chat in your head, and multiple thoughts might arise. Whatever you hear most frequently is the voice of your loudest mental block.

  4. Listen and notice the patterns in your inner chat. To help yourself recognize which is the loudest, jot down what you’re hearing in your head, then read it back to yourself. Do this long enough, and you’ll find the patterns. The patterns will expose your mental block(s).

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How can I change those blockers in my inner dialogue?

This is not a perfect formula, but it is what has worked for me in the past. It’s not perfect but it will help you recognize what patterns your own brain takes when working on any given task. You can:

  • Reduce their power by assigning a percentage to them. Create a set of affirmations and visualization exercises where you can see them as relevant but not enough to affect you.

  • Transform them into a positive habit. Embrace your analytic and perfectionist behavior, for example, but avoid getting stuck on them. Propel yourself with their power. Take action. Talk about it, and whenever you see the cycles, be ready to reduce their power to freeze or influence you.

  • Find the source of your behavior. Your childhood, big influencers in your life, big events that left a big mark on you. And visualize those events as a moment in your past that not longer have influence in you, and let them go. The more you do it, the more liberating it will feel

As I said: it will not be perfect, but it’s a start.

It will require of your constant effort to reduce them, eliminate them or embrace them and make them work on your behalf. No against you.

You have the power to reach anything you want in life.

Ilia Francis.


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