How to write a killer resume that recruiters will love


Unless you’ve worked for yourself your entire life, you’ve gone through the same as most of us when looking for a job - doing your best to write your resume and sending it to 24324534 recruiting agencies, online job markets, most of the times with little or no feedback..

But how do you truly attract attention to your resume? Well, there’s no perfect formula, but here’s how to get any recruiter’s attention, even if you are not actively looking for a job.

In our podcast Hustle in Heels Episode #53 we shared the basic elements needed in your resume. These elements are:

1. Be Clear

The objective is to get the attention of a recruiter/hiring manager in your desired industry, and an interview. So speak in their terms. How?

2. Show your future, not the past

Your resume should highlight what your current and future career goals are (do you want to pursue a position as a Project Manager? then highlight your performance in those projects where your PM skills brought the best results to your team).

3. Showcase your strengths with the right keywords

This will bring the attention to recruiters and bots (applicant tracking systems) as they will know whether you are the right fit for that job opportunity based on your resume content.

To present your “wow” factor, ask yourself these questions and then make sure the answers appear in your resumé:

  • When have I been first or best?

  • What is the No. 1 thing I achieved in each position?

  • Which of my achievements have the most impressive numbers?

  • What have I been publicly recognized for? (This can appear as a special section called Awards & Media Mentions on your resume).

4. Remove the Objective and add a Summary

Write a Summary that in short, tells who you are as a professional, your main highlights, what you strive for and your achievements. This is a high-level you, so choose your words wisely. Every word is scanned by bots that match resumes to job postings.

Eliminate unnecessary words in your resumé (“and”, “or,” wherever you can) to go straight to the point.


5. Add numbers and verbs to your achievements

Quantifying your achievements in percentages will help hiring managers and recruiters visualize how you perform at any organization. And of course, make sure those numbers are real and can be validated if they ask for referrals to contact.

Also, use strong action verbs and past tense to show what you did in previous positions.

6. Highlight your contact info

Add your contact information at the top of the page, including your social profile (LinkedIn profile link).

You want recruiters to find and contact you immediately, so add your main information (name, job specialty, phone number and email address) in bold letters at the top of the page. Ditch your address or other personal information that’s irrelevant to them (age, gender).

You can also add your LinkedIn profile link to your main contact info (customize your profile URL link for one easier to remember) so that they can connect with you on that platform and validate your experience and skills with your resume.

7. Breakdown your resume in paragraphs.

Nowadays we have such a short-attention span, so keep people’s interest on your information by writing 2, 3-line paragraphs. If you need to write more than that, use bullets to show more information without cluttering the view.

8. Keep a more traditional formatting.

Avoid colors, or too many elements like boxes, charts  or images that distract the hiring team from what truly matters: your information. Unless you are a graphic designer, keep your resume design as simple as possible. Remember, many recruiters use ATS (Applicant Tracker Systems) and for those systems to be able to identify the keywords, formatting has to be simple.

If you need additional support on this, with our Career Speed Up service we will ensure that you showcase your best professional self in public profiles (LinkedIn), and during those desired job interviews.

Leave a comment below if you have other tips that have worked for you when finding a new job opportunity, and support our tribe!

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