How to build Genuine Relationships on Linkedin

How to build Genuine Relationships on Linkedin

Building genuine relationships on Linkedin is an art, and chances are you are already a maestro on this.

But how do we get to connect with people we’ve never talked before in our lives?

This is a series of posts where we discuss how to truly build relationships with strangers on this social platform for business, so that you can attract your ideal people: recruiters, hiring managers, leads and clients.

Your Starting Point

The best way to start building genuine relationships is by commenting on people’s posts.

There are influencers, celebrities and people whom you share similar interests or similar industries with. And when they share a post or an article that resonates with you, you feel like reacting and sharing your opinion. Yes, you are already doing this, right?

Well, this is how you can get their attention. A huge opportunity to be seen and heard.


1. Read the post.

Yes, this is obvious but if you truly want to leave a meaningful opinion, better know what the article is all about and the author's purpose with it.


2. Tag other people in the comments.

In that way you keep the ball rolling and the topic active within your network.


3. Mention the author.

When you comment, tag the author with an "@" so that s/he is notified of your conversation, and replies to you faster.


4. Ask questions regarding the topic/article.

Same as 2, to keep the conversation active and engaging, either by tagging the author or some of your connections.

By commenting in people's posts/articles you get to know a bit more about what their interests are, their points of view on certain topics and even their dislikes.


How to build genuine relationships on linkedin-2

Set your intentions straight when connecting with people on LinkedIn.

The best chances for you to succeed at building relationships with people is to let them know that their contributions are of value.

Be genuine and follow the people you want to connect with, turn on their posts’ notifications, and after engaging frequently enough, send them a custom connection request if desired, to take this conversation offline (we’ll extend on this in future posts).

For now, follow these simple steps to get noticed by those who you want to connect, and make sure you provide value as well to them with your feedback..

What has been your experience commenting on Linkedin? Good? Bad? Ugly? Share your experience with us in the comments!

More on this topic will be developed in part II.


Ilia Francis.

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