Finding your Tribe to Thrive [even if you’re shy]

Finding your Tribe to Thrive [even if you’re shy].jpg

In life and business, we need to surround ourselves with people who will always cheer you on, no matter what. You have either your friends or family who will support you, even if they aren’t on the same page as you are.

That’s why is so important to find your tribe.

Those people who share with you similar interests, passion and goals.

They will be happy to see you succeed, because they are on the same page as you are.

And the only secret to find your tribe to thrive is  this: Get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your head and out to the world.

I had the opportunity to attend a women’s networking and business event in Toronto, bringing with me my 3-month-old girl, and I knew I was going to leave early - because who can keep a baby happy in arms for 5 hours? - but I went anyways.

I felt I was going to be judged for bringing a baby to the event, but instead I found myself surrounded by almost a hundred babysitters. Most of them saying hi! and admiring the cuteness of my baby’s face. An immediate ice breaker.

I felt like I wasn't going to know anybody there but, as soon as I entered to the room, I saw a blogger who interviewed and featured us on her blog months ago. Bingo!

I met an amazing florist, who took a candid picture of me and my daughter on the main stage and carried my stroller down the stairs, without hesitation.

My daughter was nursing in the middle of a panel of experts’ session and the speaker winked at me when I was trying to hide to avoid making more noise than I was doing. How sweet was she for implying “don’t worry about it”.


And what were my takeaways?

  • Women get women. It’s in our nature to float towards what and who makes us feel real, and it is the need for connection and belonging.

  • Networking events are great places to find your tribe, even when you feel a bit hesitant. You’ll find a group of like-minded people with different interests, stories and goals.

  • ·Break the ice - or better, MELT IT! But never pass the opportunity to say hi to that person who shares similar goals, who is in the same industry or who is already where you aspire to be. Your ideas or business might benefit them, or vice versa.

  • If you are too shy to talk in person, then find their social media account or blog and leave a comment, retweet a tweet or purchase one of their products. You'll never know where that conversation/tweet/comment will take you.

  • Nurture those relationships, because the energy of people thinking and acting with the same passion and interest will push you to get to new horizons and challenges.

We are all in this journey together. Learning from our own experiences, listening and supporting each other along the way, regardless of where in the “success ladder” we are.

So, go find your tribe and love them hard. Give back and be happy for uplifting people along your journey. You’ll be rewarded.

- IF.

Leave us a comment below if you have other tips that have worked for you when finding your tribe. We love to hear from you!

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