Conquering the fear to Change


If you are an immigrant, you have already conquered this. Conquered your fears of facing a different culture and a country.

There is something that, us women have: the potential to face changes and face different situations with a little more strength.

I believe that the reason is because we are the ones who give life, we are the ones who carry our children in the womb and we are the ones who give birth (feel free to disagree with me).

And, even if you are a mother or not, you have that disposition in you just because of that simple fact: for being a woman.

Yes, it is difficult to switch jobs, change your home, change your country, change current situation, and change your civil status.

It’s difficult to go through a divorce, to be a widow, to lose people who don’t want to lose a friend.

However, these changes help us to move forward and achieve what we want for ourselves.

I continue forward. You keep moving forward.

Despite the risk, despite the fear and despite the entire unknown future, you need to leave your comfort zone. Repeat yourself this "I need to leave this comfort zone because I want to grow".

That fear you are feeling in your stomach is what is going to help you to really be successful.

There are days when - for example, today - I am returning from work and I’m tired to the tee and it feels like a burden to drive home. I am driving from home to work under the pouring rain and yes, it is difficult too.

Every time you feel afraid, every time you think “but how will I do this?” And how am I going to change the routine to my children, but I'm going to do this and I'm not going to be able to cook dinner every day fresh?

Eliminate the "but" and just think: I have to see this situation in another way.

Everyone will get used to it because, in the same way your budget is balanced, the workloads, the burdens of household chores will get balanced and everything can be done.

You will find the equilibrium of the quality time we spend with our children, with our partners and even with our friends.

So welcome fear! Welcome those challenges that are going to be bigger and that will make us more successful!

 What are you afraid of? What is the challenge you are facing?

 Remember: what you are afraid of this week, give it a kick in the butt and use it as your own fuel to move forward.

With Love, 

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