5 Tips for entrepreneurs to start the year right


As entrepreneurs, Adriana and I have lived the rush of running our business while balancing our current lifestyle. That means to keep our content relevant, to design - and review and throw away and also revamp - business strategies while keeping our sanity at home by managing our free time. Back in January we set our new year’s resolutions by checking what worked and what didn’t during 2018, and decided to share them with you as actionable points to focus on. Here they are:

  1. Update your website (you know, SEO SEO SEO)

Keep things fresh a current on your website. Why? You might want to keep your brand, message and content dynamic. Writing blog posts will help your SEO to be up to date and ranked high in Google or Amazon (yep, we were guilty of this too during the last months of 2018 !). Also check your pages, titles, location and keywords to describe what you do as accurately as you can.

Don’t have a website? You might not need it, but chances are you are missing out the valuable traffic and potential clients that come from being visible in the virtual space. Also, make sure your website looks awesome in both desktop and mobile versions - most of your searches will come from mobile devices.

Tip: Choose a combination of titles, location and keywords on all your website pages. You can even add keywords to your images. Your current website platform might contain multiple DIY tutorials on how to do this. Otherwise, freelance SEO experts can help you do this in a heartbeat. Check the blog article that @twogirlsandalaptop recently published about SEO - incredibly useful and easy for you to do it! - Otherwise, contact them and her gal Karly Plowman for a detailed assessment!

2. Create/review your annual business plan/finances

If you started 2019 with a -personal, business - plan, then great! If not you are still on time to do it.. Regardless of how old your plan is, make sure you go back to it and review your results, where you succeeded it, where you haven’t and where you need to make adjustment to keep you on track.

Tip: A basic business plan for your business to give you the results needed must include at least: Your business idea, purpose and goals, your target market and demographics in detail, your marketing plan, your pricing and estimated profits you aspire to obtain from your offerings and what you will make with it. Check this Business Plan Infographic if you still feel you need more guidance on this.

3. Review your marketing plan

As a part of your business plan, you need to know how you are going to be discovered or be known by your potential customers. Define the media outlet (social media, online, TV, radio, email, etc.) to reach your audience and potential customers. Also, sales strategies like creating sales funnel pipelines will help you close those loose ends with your customers.

4. Keep your current customers - by diversifying your offerings to them

It’s not just a matter of finding new customers, but also keeping your current ones happy and more than satisfied. This will involve creating products/services that add value to your current clients by identifying their different needs according to your niche and creating those products/services that will make them buy over and over again (subscriptions, memberships, refill orders, etc.).

5. Take new chances

It never gets old: get out of your comfort zone! Continue finding new ways to diversify yourself. Go to networking events within different industry areas, connect with people you have always admire but never actually talked to, reach influencers and leaders, organize workshops and events to make ‘networking happen’ and bring as much value as you can to others. You’ll never know where you HUGE opportunity will appear!

Let us know whether other strategies have also worked for you in comments, and how these items have helped you get out of your comfort zone!

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