The one question every new entrepreneur should ask before starting a business

Starting a new business has more aspects to handle that you could probably imagined. (Yup! These chicas here fell short too when we started). You’ve acquired multiple skills that make you the next expert in your industry. But there’s one question you should ask yourself before jumping in the entrepreneurship ocean and starting a business

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Finding your Tribe to Thrive [even if you’re shy]

In life and business, we need to surround ourselves with people who will always cheer you on, no matter what. That’s why is so important to find your tribe to thrive in life and business. You have either your friends or family who will support you, even if they aren’t on the same page as you are. But even if you’re shy woman - find them!

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Understanding [and Healing] Superhero Syndrome

Let’s face it, we are a time starved society and we’re all drowning in our to-do lists! Understanding and healing our Superhero Syndrome is the first step to finding balance in our lives. We have become our own worst enemy, giving up our most valuable resource, time. Working hard to create the life we envisioned, and far too often we are left with little time to enjoy what really matters most to us.

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5 Tips for entrepreneurs to start the year right

As entrepreneurs, Adriana and I have lived the rush of running our business while balancing our current lifestyle. That means to keep our content relevant, to design - and review and throw away and also revamp - business strategies while keeping our sanity at home by managing our free time. Back in January we set our new year’s resolutions by checking what worked and what didn’t during 2018, and decided to share them with you as actionable points to focus on

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Success Stories - Nebai Roo

Here is our most recent success story: Nebai Roo, a Latin American, successful woman opens up today to tell us her personal story. From a Bachelor in Business Administration to Radio and TV hostess, we hope she inspires you as much as she did to us.

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Success Stories - Veroo Rahn

Our success story this week is developed right from Dominican Republic, where the designer and goldsmith Veronica Rahn talked to us about her story as a successful immigrant and entrepreneur of her personal brand Veroo Rahn.

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Our Little Venice
Succeeding as a Working Mom

I find very easy to think that women, especially mothers, have everything under control: the house, our work, taking care of our children, husbands, friends and ourselves, all in an almost Zen balance.

In my own odyssey of finding that work-life ‘balance’, there is always something that I’ve left out, that I’ve forgotten (successful cases of my 'mommy brain') or that I’ve been unable to achieve.

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Success Stories: La Mantuana

Being a woman is WONDERFUL! It's to walk through shopping stores and try on gorgeous clothes, to diet constantly, but also to eat sweets in industrial quantities (ahem, well, I speak here for myself ). It's also pursue that desire, that  "something, that I don't know what it is",  the sense of doing something bigger than ourselves.

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How to break the language barrier

Imagine the moment you arrived in your new country. Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Paris, Beijing, you name it. That moment, when you walk out of the airport to find a city never seen before. You might feel disoriented, frightened, anxious, disheartened, or even hopeless.

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