We are born-and-raised Venezuelan girls, moms of two incredible little monkeys and engineers by trade.

Since the day we met, we expressed our desire to leave a legacy for our children, to let them know the best of our culture by helping people, specially women to know, believe and bring those hidden talents out for the world to see.


I am

Adriana Romero

When I came to Canada, I felt  a sense of adventure; like I could do something on my own and be successful. There were many try’s before - many ideas that never came to life due to my own fears, no matter how they were manifested.

But then I had G, and my fear transformed. I started to think about what she could do with her life. I feared that by not realizing my dreams, I would not teach her she could achieve anything if she work smart and set your mind to it... I am also a very hard-headed Capricorn that will not rest until I make it to the top of the mountain! :)


I am

Ilia Francis

For many years I envisioned myself creating and running a business, but never found that "thing' that moved my core, a meaningful purpose to start with - until my son was born.

Seeing my son growing so fast made me feel conscious about what type of impact and legacy I would leave behind.

Because I want him to have a solid foundation as a human being and feel proud of his multiculturalism, I decided to step up and help immigrant women to love themselves, where they come from and change their old beliefs to a "I-can-and-I-will" attitude.